Mój Erasmus 2022

Podczas mojego pobytu we Francji w trakcie realizacji projektu w ramach programu Erasmus+ poznałam masę ciekawych osobowości, inne kultury, a co najważniejsze bliżej uroki języka angielskiego. Miałam okazję praktycznie wykorzystać oraz rozwijać swoje umiejętności językowe. Moja host rodzinka była bardzo urocza oraz gościnna. Na koniec dostałam od nich prezent w postaci pudełka z pysznymi ciasteczkami. Cieszę się, że mogłam wziąć udział w wymianie, dzięki której poszerzyłam swoją wiedzę o Francji oraz rozwijałam kompetencje społeczne, interpersonalne i językowe.





Last Sunday me and my friends arrived in Lyon for an exchange under the Erasmus+ program. It was a truly developing experience for me. We got off the plane at 11 pm.Then we got the opportunity to meet our hosts.Her name is Sarah but I also spend a lot of time with her younger sister Lisa. Their whole family welcomed me in such warm way that I felt like I was in my own home. During my stay there I visited many essential places for Lyon such as Bellecour, Fourvière or Confluence, which I enjoyed. The school’s building is impressive and the atmosphere beetwen the students is different from the one in my school. It was more than interesting to see in which way we are alike and the many ways that we differ.



Last week me and my friends took part in exchange under the Eramus+ project. We arrived at the airport in Lyon at 11pm, so our work started in the next morning.

The first day we spent exploring the oldpart of the Lyon, and I personally think it was very beautiful, epsecially the ancient theater and narrow streets with lots of colorful tenent houses.

For me, this exchange vas a very interesting experience, it gave me the opportunity to get to know traditions of French people and how  the lessons at school look like. This helped me to understand the differences between France and Poland. My host famillywelcomed me warmly and took care of me during this trip.Thanks to this exchange I met incredible people from France and Spain.

Maja K.


Recently, I was lucky enough to go to Lyon-a beautiful city in France. I can honestly say that that experience changed my life.

     The first day of the stay, we all went to visit the school, as well as gone to visit the city’s center, some popular sights and a muzeum with minatures. Tuesday, we started the day by working on the ERASMUS+ project, after which we explored ,,The muzeum of confluences’’ and ended the the day with a dinner with our host families. Wendsday, we went to a popular shopping centre. There, we ate delicious pancakes and had fun at many different shops. Thursday, first thing in the morning, we finished our presentation and after, we went to some shops in the city. Around 19 : 00, I went to dinner with my friend. The last day of our trip-Friday, started with writing an artickle about our experiences and then contnued with going to the shop ,,Voisin’’ and ended with a street art exhibition and a dinner. Throughout everything i felt really overwhelmed with happiness.

     In conclution, Lyon is a truly beautiful city which will forever remind me of the great people i met and the awesome things i saw.